Project: PASSION

Pastel Artist Seeking Sources of Inspiration Orbiting Nigh

An ordinary pastel artist suddenly realizes his inner potential for greatness, and is determined to overcome all limits that he once though he had. So he hops in his space ship and embarks on a quest to best the artists of legend.


Movement: Mouse

Fire: Mouse click

Mute: M

Pause: P


All art done by EJ Hernandez (ejmaster7) during the jam weekend


Music obtained from Tall Beard Studios

(not made during the jam obviously, but it's better than no music at all)

Sound effects made during the jam weekend using bfxr


Made in pure JS by Brent Pappas (Lightwatch) during the jam weekend


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I haven't played a scroller shoot-em up for ages. :-)  Those head graphics were unexpected and cool.